About Us

This blog provides an understanding of the insurance world and how it is there to assist you and your business survive those catastrophic events and lawsuits that may occur. It can also helps people new to insurance understand how to better help their clients.

The five principles that this knowledge site focuses on are:
1. Cover Insurance Terminology
2. Open your eyes to risk around you
3. Verify risk exposures you or your company have
4. Eliminate or transfer risk
5. Recover from catastrophe

I have spent a great deal of time in a variety of industries that suffer from a significant degree of risk, and have noticed two things that are common to most businesses and how they view insurance: 1) They have no concept of how many ways they can suffer a loss that could be covered by insurance…if they had appropriate coverage. 2) They do not view insurance coverage or their insurance companies favorably. Needless to say, this opinion changes when the insured suffers something major that affects them or their business, and insurance does what it is supposed to do – pay for their losses.

Another topic I will spend some time on, is covering your rights and responsibilities with an insurance contract. This agreement is not something you should just leave to your agent, and forget about until the renewal comes around. It is a living document meant to take care of you when nothing else will, so remember it any time you or your business contemplates a change.

Finally, this is not a one way communication device. Learning does not come from absorption of information alone. It comes from an interchange of ideas, and discussions of topics not clearly understood. I welcome all questions, comments, and ideas you may have, and encourage you to contact me at insuringknowledge@gmail.com or twitter me at @insureknowledge.   Enjoy the experience!


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